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Sitefinity provides an end to end case management solution incorporating information management, case workflows and resourcing. The main features of the system are:

Content Creation

Enterprise Content Management

Sitefinity’s page editor makes it easy to create rich, dynamic content by interacting with user-friendly interfaces. Content is created by simply dragging & dropping widgets onto a page. Once in place, widgets can be edited through a guided interface that produces content consistent with the website's design.

Review & Approval

Content writers can work on a piece of content before submitting it for approval. The publishing workflow then ensures that content is reviewed by editors before being published to the live environment.

Documents, Images & Media Repository

Multimedia such as documents, images and videos can be uploaded into the repository and used throughout your website.

Enterprise Content Management

Content Versioning

Each time a piece of content is changed it is versioned meaning that you will never lose a piece of content again.


Automatic email and SMS notifications are sent to subscribers of your website when content is updated. RSS feeds are also included providing subscribers with another channel to stay up to date.

Multilingual Support

The system can support full multilingual versions of your website, or micro sites can be created for specific languages.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Input title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords and header tags in one step using Telerik Sitefintiy CMS - the built-in spell check will minimize mistakes. You can improve your internal linking by establishing relevant relationships between resources and pages. Sitefinity also allows you to block search engines from indexing any page you want to disappear from search engine results.

Enterprise Content Management

Data Collection

Using the CMS data collection tool, users create and publish forms to your website. This enables your organisation to gather data from your website audience.

Google Analytics

Engines Content Management solution seamlessly integrates with the world's leading analytics software, Goggle Analytics. This provides you with many different reports and statistics that let you monitor your site traffic and show trends in how customers use your store and what products they purchase.

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