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Engine's Case Management system provides an end to end case management solution incorporating information management, case workflows and resourcing. The main features of the system are:

Capture and Record

Capture and record the entire history of a case, categorising and grouping the information, using an intuitive web browser based interface.

Case Management

Manage and Delegate

Define, delegate and assign cases and tasks to team workers and collaborators.

Communicate and Collaborate

Allow all stakeholders (internal and external) to collaborate and communicate on cases.

Control and Manage Access

Control and authorise user access to individual cases and/or specific case information.

Accommodate Multiple Data Sources

Capture and record all associated case information e.g. reports, images, records, statements.

Work Queues and Notifications

Users have a personal work queue and also receive notifications and reminders regarding their cases.

Reports and Metrics

The system provides dashboard statistics and metrics and provides a powerful reporting module for generating and exporting reports.

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